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Coda's Data Center & Services

Coda Technologies is partnered with Venture Technology to provide a full spectrum of Data Center and Cloud offerings.

Above is a brief version of our Data Center Tour. Click here to view the full version.


Venture Technologies’ Tier 3 Data Center was one of the first commercial data center facilities constructed in the South. Since its inception in 2001, Venture’s Data Center has delivered continuous, uninterrupted service—even during Hurricane Katrina.

The 10,000-sq.-ft. facility, located in Jackson, MS, is purpose-built and features best-in-class network, security and power infrastructures. Venture’s Data Center hosts our VTCloud®—an agile, scalable, fully virtualized pool of server, storage and network assets—that powers Venture’s portfolio of VTCloud® Services. Our engineering, operations and help-desk staffs use robust tools and industry best practices to deliver award-winning service. Services include aggressive SLAs—up to 99.999% uptime.

Operations and Management

  • Tier 3 Data Center
  • SOC 2 Type II Audited
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Cisco Managed Services Channel Partner Master Certified (MSCP)
  • 7/24/365 facilities and network monitoring, problem resolution and help desk
  • Powerful automated system provides incident tracking, escalation, activity logging, policy compliance, activation management and administration


  • Entire premises surrounded by an iron fence and continuously patrolled by security guards
  • Multiple levels of authentication required to enter facility, including biometric identification
  • Continuous video surveillance of entire facility
  • Network security protects all systems and data


  • Cisco-powered 10Gb network infrastructure
  • 1000Mbps of Internet bandwidth
  • Diverse fiber paths from multiple carriers
  • Dual-core connections service available to any device
  • Variety of private connectivity options up to multi-Gb available

Computing and Storage Environment

  • Virtually unlimited cloud-based server capacity on Cisco UCS computing platforms
  • Online and cloud-based storage capacity to meet any need
  • Disc and tape based off-site storage systems
  • Over 10,000 square feet of total space


  • Multiple power feeds from independent power sources
  • Comprehensive UPS architecture with built-in redundancy provides initial emergency power
  • N+1, paralleled generators provide continuous emergency power
  • N+1 oversized HVAC units for optimum environmental control
  • Non-particulate gaseous fire suppression system—no harmful water near facility
  • Environmental monitoring systems ensure optimum environment for IT operations

Disaster Recovery (DR) & Data Protection

  • Extensive redundancy of critical components and systems
  • Comprehensive offline and offsite backup systems for rapid recovery
  • Optional replication available in Dallas, TX facility for maximum protection

Hosted Applications

For one predictable, low monthly fee, Venture can host your applications in our Data Center, giving you reliable, Web-based portalaccess to your applications and data from virtually anywhere. Leverage our VTCloud® to avoid investing in costly hardware, software, maintenance, and never-ending refresh and upgrade cycles.

The following table compares a traditional (non-hosted) premise-based deployment with Venture’s Hosted Apps solution in our VTCloud®.

 Premise DeploymentVenture's VTCloud
Pricing Model Perpetual Software License (Purchase) Predictable, low monthly fee
Devices/User Access Applications have to be installed on each device Applications can be accessed from nearly any desktop, laptop or mobile device via a web browser
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Support Requires Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Network Access Control (NAC) to securely support end-user owned devices. Data stays at Venture's Data Center with secure access from nearly any device
Help Desk Services In-house support staff (if any) usually available only during business hours Venture's local Help Desk is available 24/7/365 for system access and availability support
Hardware, OS Licenses Customer purchase Included
Maintenance Fees In-house IT support staff plus an estimated 20% of hardware costs for annual maintenance Included
Software Licenses Customer purchase Included*
Upgrade Costs One-time purchase Included for Venture provided licenses**

* Customers can provide their own licenses or use Venture’s low cost licensing.
** Customers are responsible for software upgrades for any licenses they provide.

Venture provides a secure, reliable platform for running your business’s custom application(s). We can also host common off-the-shelf software with licenses you provide or Venture’s cost-effective bundled licensing. Applications include most Windows business applications, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Dynamics, and numerous other specialized industry applications.

Our Cloud hosting experts handle all administration and maintenance tasks including software patches and updates, data backup, storage management, performance tuning, and network administration. End users access your applications through our Web-based portal using a Web browser. The only software required is a simple browser plug-in, as users connect to our Data Center via a private data line or the Internet. Our service is perfect for keeping your mobile staff and tele-workers connected to your applications.

Benefits of VTCloud® Hosted Apps

  • Leverage Venture’s facilities and systems
  • Access your files and applications from anywhere on nearly any device, including tablets and mobile devices
  • Never worry about updating and upgrading your applications when using Venture licensed applications
  • Enjoy lower maintenance and labor costs—our large staff of IT experts handles the cumbersome and mundane IT tasks associated with operating IT infrastructure
  • Benefit from 7/24/365 Engineering Services for monitoring and management, administration, updates, and upgrades
  • Access our 7/24/365 local Help Desk for questions and problem resolution

Venture’s Web-based Portal (shown above) provides access to unique applications for each user. This user has access to the Microsoft Office 2007, Connectwise, Lotus Notes, Quosal, and folders for their personal data and company data.

Hosted Email

Venture’s Microsoft Exchange Hosting empowers users with advanced email and collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessible any time, from anywhere.

Get secure and reliable email, calendaring, and task management without the hassles. We handle all management and administration, licensing, upgrades, support, virus protection and anti-spam, storage, security, and backup. And, unlike hosting your email in-house, there are no single points of failure in Venture’s Data Center. We do not rely on a single server, device, or component to deliver our service. Rather, our network has been engineered to ensure continuous service. And, we back it up with a 99.95% uptime Service Level Agreement—higher than Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail.

VTCloud® Hosted Email Benefits

  • Full-featured Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • Access from anywhere including smart phones and tablets
  • Low cost and fast activation
  • 7/24/365 help desk
  • Secure, fully managed, fault tolerant solution
  • Virus scanning is included

Venture’s Web-based Portal (shown above) provides access to unique applications for each user. This user has access to the Microsoft Office 2007, Connectwise, Lotus Notes, Quosal, and folders for their personal data and company data.


Security Services

Venture’s Managed Security Services puts full-time security pros on your team to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: information. We design, provision, and manage custom security solutions that enforce your policies while securing your Internet connectivity. You’ll compute with peace of mind knowing that your critical IT assets are defended from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Simply installing a firewall is not enough to protect your network. To be truly secure, your firewall needs to be maintained and monitored 365 days a year—especially if your company assets are exposed to the Internet or Business Partners or e-commerce transactions are taking place. That’s when things get expensive. A managed firewall is a smart alternative that gives you the technical expertise you need without having to hire additional full-time staff. Your firewall is monitored and managed remotely—around the clock—to keep your information assets from being compromised.

Benefits of Managed Firewall

  • No capital expenditure
  • Service provided on a monthly basis
  • 7/24/365 monitoring
  • Trained help-desk staff for problem resolution
  • No expensive staffing/training
  • Fast replacement/repair of problems

Venture’s IPS solutions provide the highest level of realtime attack notification and prevention available today. Our service can dynamically reconfi gure your Internet connection and customize an immediate response to an attack on your systems in real-time. In most instances, this will stop an attack immediately. Firewalls, a good first line of defense, are passive devices and are only as good as their rule base allows them to be. Our managed IPS solutions are constantly updated and can adapt immediately to a detected attack on your network.

With IPS, Venture will

  • Provide the hardware, software, and installation
  • Integrate the IPS solution with your exiting Internet router
  • Monitor the IPS system 7/24/365
  • Notify you in the event of an attack
  • Remotely assist your staff in any network or
  • firewall reconfi gurations that may need to be done to stop an attack
  • Send you a monthly report summarizing the IPS systems findings and responses


If you want to operate your hardware in a highly reliable, secure facility, VTCloud® Colocation is for you.

Venture’s Data Center is a hardened facility purpose-built to house your IT assets that host your mission-critical applications. Our highly resilient infrastructure ensures continuous access to your users via a variety of private or Internet connectivity options.

Your IT assets are safe in our highly secure facility. Our Data Center’s grounds and building are continuously patrolled, and multiple levels of authentication are required to enter facility. The entire facility is under continuous video surveillance, and biometric identification allows only authorized access. And, we employ world-class network security technology to protect against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Unlike other colocation providers, our services are customizable to fit your unique technical and financial requirements.

Benefits of VTCloud® Colocation

  • Operate your private hardware in a “hardened” environment
  • Leverage our powerful, secure, resilient infrastructure and high-capacity connectivity
  • Never worry about costly Data Center downtime
  • Access your servers through direct connectivity or internet VPN

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Venture provides physical and virtual dedicated servers, virtual desktops, and storage as cost-effective alternatives to investing and maintaining premise-based IT servers and infrastructure. Venture’s high-performance solutions reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while ensuring uninterrupted operation of your critical IT systems. For a predictable monthly fee, you can avoid the expensive surprises of IT asset ownership.

Physical Dedicated Servers – A Venture-owned server in our Data Center dedicated to your organization.

  • Eliminate capital expenditures by hosting on Venture’s server(s) and infrastructure
  • Configurable to suit your unique application needs
  • Dedicated to your individual hosting requirements
  • Full privacy and manageability of a premise-based server

Virtual Dedicated Servers – A virtual machine in Venture’s Data Center dedicated to your organization.

  • Reduce capital and operating expenditures by hosting on Venture’s server(s) and infrastructure
  • Configurable to suit your unique application
  • Serviceably equivalent to a physical server
  • Privacy of a dedicated physical server
  • Increased tolerance not available with a physical dedicated server

Virtual Desktops – Central hosting and management of user desktops on servers hosted in Venture’s VTCloud® where each virtual PC has the same working environment users would find if the operating system were running on a local system, but with added benefits.

  • Increase mobility and productivity with access to your desktop from anywhere on almost any device
  • Increase control over what is being installed and used on the desktops
  • Reduce desktop downtime
  • Reduce help desk calls
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Storage and Backup – High-capacity, high-performance SAN storage and disk or tape archival storage for your valuable applications and data.

  • Minimize backup windows to reduce the impact on your application and system availability
  • Reduce business risk by restoring data quickly and accurately
  • Protect key data with policy-based retention
  • Local and remote support for both on-premise and cloud-based storage
  • Continuous data protection and bare metal options available
  • Reduce costs with low-cost monthly subscription services


What would happen if your organization lost a vital document, a top executive’s laptop or even an entire server? Without a reliable backup and recovery solution, an organization leaves itself at risk. Venture’s VTCloud® Backup is like insurance for your data.

Based on EMC’s Avamar solution, Venture’s VTCloud® Backup provides integrated deduplication technology for fast, daily, full backups of critical data and enterprise applications. The solution is hosted in Venture’s VTCloud® family of data centers and is managed by our 24/7/365 engineers to protect an organization’s critical data from loss due to catastrophic events, system failure or data corruption. As an EMC Business Partner for Cloud Service Providers, Venture’s VTCloud® Services are based on EMC’s proven reference architecture. Customers can take comfort in knowing that our cloud services are delivered in accordance with industry best practices that are fundamental to achieving secure, reliable, uninterrupted service.

Benefits of VTCloud® Backup

  • FASTER BACKUP AND RECOVERY - VTCloud® Backup can significantly reduce backup time by only storing unique daily changes, while maintaining daily full backups allowing for a fast restore.
  • OPTIMIZED BANDWIDTH - Deduplicated backup sends only changed blocks rather than full copies, which uses significantly less network traffic than other solutions. This allows customers to leverage existing LAN and WAN bandwidth for enterprise-wide and remote/branch office backup.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT MODELS - VTCloud® Backup can be deployed in a model that best protects your data. Our Agent-Based Service is designed for users with small data volumes. Customers requiring a larger volume of data to backup will deploy our Appliance-Based Service, where an on-site appliance will handle backups locally, then replicate to a Storage Grid housed in Venture’s Data Center.
  • VENTURE MANAGED AND JOINT MANAGED OPTIONS – Customers that don’t want the hassles and cost of owning and managing their backups use the Venture Managed Service. A Joint Managed Service is available for customers thathave technical resources on staff who can manage the on-site appliance but still leverage Venture’s Data Center for off-site replication.

VTCloud® Backup provides fast, daily, full backups for virtual machines, physical servers, applications, desktops, and laptops.


Protecting your organization against disasters has never been more important. Without a reliable disaster prevention and recovery plan, your organization is at risk of costly downtime from the inability for your employees and customers to access critical applications, documents and communications tools.

With Venture’s VTCloud® Recovery you can provide disaster protection to all your applications and sites. VTCloud® Recovery is a fully managed Disaster Recovery solution that utilizes VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™ to provide reliable, efficient migration plans, non-disruptive testing, and fully automated site recovery, migration and failback.

Venture is a proud EMC Business Partner for Cloud Service Providers. Because of this, customers can take comfort in knowing that our cloud services are delivered in accordance with industry best practices that are fundamental to achieving secure, reliable, uninterrupted service, especially during disasters.

Key Benefits

  • Leave the recovery planning and testing to the experts. Venture’s certified engineers can help you develop, manage, test, and maintain a reliable Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Choose to protect virtual machines on your site(s) or in one of Venture’s two Data Centers. Customers also have the option to utilize one or more recovery sites to best fit their needs.
  • Replace traditional, error-prone manual runbooks with simple automated recovery plans.
  • Automate site recovery and migration processes to ensure fast, reliable recovery with agressive RTO and RPO SLAs.
  • Enable frequent nondisruptive testing of recovery plans to ensure that they meet business requirements.
  • Streamline planned migrations and preventive failovers.