Disaster Recovery,  Business Continuance & Business Resilience Solutions


Coda Technologies Partners with Axiom Recovery to offer a world class DR/BC solution for people serious about business continuance.

We are in an age where an organization’s IT Infrastructure can be the life force behind growth, expansion, and innovation. It is the cornerstone of efficiency and precision.

With all of these tremendous benefits this adaptation has created, it has also led to a dependency that can dramatically affect the viability of the organization. Axiom’s services are built around the idea that understanding and protecting this infrastructure is the key to maintaining resiliency, especially through unplanned business interruptions. With time-proven methodology, Axiom helps companies identify their risks, communicate these risks to Business leadership in a language they understand, and develop strategies for recovery.
Our Services:

Gap Analysis

Because you need to convince them that investing in Disaster Recovery is their idea.

Most IT Departments feel the strain of an inadequate Disaster Recovery budget. The Gap Analysis builds a comprehensive bridge between IT and Business staff to reset and realign Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery expectations. It puts the risks and responsibilities back with the rightful owners so they can make well-informed, risk vs. reward decisions. We first work with Business staff to identify their Recovery Objectives tied to Risk Management Goals in order to ensure the data gathered is true ‘needs’ NOT ‘wants’ when it comes to recovery and protecting the viability of the company.  

Strategy & Architecture Design

Because you know what you want to implement, but ironing out the details and costs is time- consuming when you have production to run.

Axiom Recovery has assisted with and conducted many Alternate and Disaster Recovery Site Analyses. Whether it is an apples to apples comparison on cost, ping, power, and pipe, or a detailed architecture design, we can help. Our experienced staff have helped many organizations navigate through these processes. From developing the Business Case through implementing the solution we can assist or execute any portion that would provide your company the most value. We understand you have production to run and you are experts at what you do, let us help where we are experts.  

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Development

Whether you need documented Disaster Recovery Plan and/or Business Continuity Plans for compliance purposes or for your own peace of mind, we can make it a quick, efficient, and pleasant experience. With our templates, tools, sample content, and methodology we can help get your recovery plan activities and tasks out of your staff and colleagues’ minds and onto paper in user-friendly format. The plans are completed and delivered with supplementary information including guidelines for updating and maintaining the plan. 

Because your plans and recovery strategies need to be tested and exercised

Understanding risks and documenting recovery strategies are the first two major steps to building a solid continuity program. After a company has accomplished these first two steps, it is imperative to test and exercise the plans and strategies to ensure proof of concept, and the ability to execute. Just like in sports, you play like you practice and effective recovery following an unplanned event starts from first practicing recovery from planned events.