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Meet your business objectives for a high-performing yet cost-effective hybrid cloud, private cloud, or virtual desktop environment with the right storage solution through Coda.

Coda can help maximize your storage investment though accurate modeling and predictions of storage needs and performance requirements.

When it comes to primary enterprise storage, businesses have had to choose between features and cost.  Tradeoffs are ongoing between the best technologies to support business operations and an adequate budget to pay for those technologies, these tradeoffs generally impede an organization's ability to be competitive, innovative and cost-efficient.

Data drives today's business world, so businesses in turn need to ensure that data infrastructure—these primary storage assets--are scalable, performant, feature rich and reliable.   Beyond that, they need to be easy to use, cost efficient to deploy and maintain, and they must be highly availably and resilient.  Quite frankly, they need to be BETTER than what we’ve seen historically from traditional enterprise storage platforms.

With ever-increasing data volumes and IT complexity coupled with continually dwindling budgets, how can your business make the right choice in acquiring and deploying the right storage fit for your needs in a timely and cost efficient manner?

Coda offers free consulting services to help you maximize business value without forcing tradeoffs between higher efficiencies, better economics and market advantages. For organizations in need of enterprise functionality without a traditional enterprise storage budget, Coda will tailor highly responsive solutions taken from our robust suite of best of breed options available in the market today, and you can choose which solutions to pursue further or acquire as it best suits your business.

Coda will then work with the storage vendor and your business to get all your questions answered, receive the best pricing upfront, and get the solution ordered, delivered and deployed as fast as possible. 

With over 50 years of combined expertise in scoping, pricing, and delivering high end storage solutions, Coda is the right choice to partner with for your enterprise storage needs.