About Coda Technologies


Coda Technologies is an Enterprise IT Infrastructure Systems Integration firm, Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a Branch Office in Denver, Colorado.  

Coda was founded in 2001 with a commitment to helping clients build scalable, highly available and resilient IT infrastructures upon which they can grow their companies and gain competitive differentiation.

Coda’s operating philosophy is rooted in the idea that “the Customer is King”.  The agenda that we follow and support is that of our customers.  We act as the advocate for our customer to the hardware, software and professional services organizations that we partner with.  Our process begins with the consultative approach. We understand our client’s environments and we ask lots of questions to intimately understand pain points, projects and priorities. We prefer to make initial calls without manufacturers in tow who can bias the discussion with their own agenda. The whiteboard is our friend, as we discuss, diagram, and debate various solutions. Eventually, we gain team consensus on potential best solution approaches and we reach out to our “best of breed” partner portfolio to bring in the hardware, software, middleware, and implementation services required to solve the problem. 

Our partners span the entire infrastructure spectrum, protecting and managing our customer’s data from the time it hits a firewall or router on the way into the organization to the time the data is replicated offsite, archived or deleted.  We have world-class partners in the network, security, compute, storage, archive, backup and data protection, disaster recovery and business continuance spaces.  We have a particular core competence in data management technologies, storing, managing and protecting our client’s most valuable asset – their data. 

Coda works diligently to stay on top of emerging technologies, trends and directions across the infrastructure stack – so our customer’s don’t have to. With the emergence of such technologies as virtualization, private/hybrid and public clouds, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, flash storage and many other exciting innovations, IT organizations have a whole new set of players to consider as they seek to optimize IT delivery.  Coda helps our client base every day in understanding these trends, working through the maze and selecting the right partners to move the organization forward. 

We have worked with many of the finest organizations in Utah, Colorado and the Intermountain Region, partnering with them to eliminate pain points, and build out world-class infrastructures. Some of these clients include DaVita, Bankrate, E-470, Nuskin, Myriad Genetics, Intermountain Healthcare, 1-800 contacts, BYU and the LDS Church – to name just a few.  

Our goal is successfully participate in IT implementations with our customers and in the process, build a trusted advisor relationship that will stand the test of time. 

Our guiding principles are: honesty, timeliness, accuracy, and above all – customer advocacy. We are committed to excellence in all we do and we look forward to working with your organization and building the trusted advisor relationship and building upon our mutual success.  

Please allow us to engage with you to help you better understand today's rapidly evolving networking, compute and storage technologies so that you can deploy your resources in the wisest manner possible to both further your business goals and to make everyone's lives simpler, more productive, and more enjoyable.